Q: Where can I find Somersby in Canada?

Please see your local liquor board website for details:

Ontario – LCBO
British Columbia – BCLDB
Alberta – Liquor Connect
Saskatchewan – Sask Liquor
Manitoba – Liquor Marts
New Brunswick - ANBL
Nova Scotia – NSLC
Newfoundland – NLC

Q: Which Somersby flavours are available in Canada?

Somersby Apple Cider, Somersby Blackberry Cider, Somersby Pear Cider, Somersby Citrus Cider and, (drum roll please) the latest addition to our line-up – Somersby Elderflower Lime Cider! *Availability may vary by province.

Q: When will Somersby Elderflower Lime Cider be available in Canada?

Somersby Elderflower Lime Cider will be hitting shelves across Canada this summer! Please check with your local liquor store for availability.

Q: Is Somersby available in Quebec?

We’re proud to announce that Somersby will be available in Quebec this summer! Somersby in Quebec is not your traditional alcoholic malt beverage. It’s sweet, fresh and has a natural crisp apple taste. Flavoured with real apple juice & no artificial flavours or colouring. ABV 4.5%

Q: Where can I find Somersby in the US?

As of now, Somersby Apple Cider is available in six states (FL, GA, NC, SC, MN and WI). We hope to continue to grow across the United States – make sure to stay in touch to find out when and where! Oh, and if you're ever in the Great White North, be sure to give us a shout.

Q: Where can I buy glassware?

Unfortunately Somersby glassware is not available for purchase in Canada. Be sure to check out @SomersbyCanada on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for your chance to win a set!

Q: How many calories in Somersby Cider?

55 calories/100mL.

Q: Where can I buy kegs in Ontario?

For home consumer purchases you can call 1-800-561-6808 and press 1 for beer orders or email pbctelesales@moosehead.ca. All they should need is: Your name, complete address, phone number and a small deposit on the keg – to be paid in cash, but you will get this back once you return the empty keg. For Somersby 25L, the deposit is $20. Keg orders can be picked up from PBC in Mississauga / Etobicoke. For the Somersby 25L kegs, you'll need a 'S type' keg coupler which can be purchased at PBC or The Beer Store in Ontario. 

Q: What makes Somersby Cider unique?

Made from real fermented apple juice. No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings. Gluten free! Served best over ice! 4.5% alc./vol. (ABV).

Q: Where is Somersby Cider from?

Somersby Ciders are made in Denmark. Proudly owned and brewed by Carlsberg.

Q: Which LCBO stores or locations carry Somersby?

To find a LCBO near you, or search store inventory please visit www.LCBO.com or download the LCBO app. For inventory specific questions, please submit your questions to the LCBO directly: Here

Q: What is Cider?

The internationally accepted definition of cider is as follows: Apple Cider is derived by the fermentation of the juice of apples, without at any time adding distilled alcohol. Sugar and apple juice may be added both prior and post fermentation. Most ciders are carbonated and food additives (permitted in EU legislation) can be used.

Q: Is Somersby Cider gluten-free?

Somersby Cider is gluten-free, enjoy!

Q: What other products does Carlsberg have in Canada?

Globally Carlsberg has over 500+ brands. In Canada we have a wide range of products including; Carlsberg, Carlsberg Lite, Kronenbourg 1664, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Tuborg, Holsten, Grimbergen, Okocim, Mythos, Tetley’s and Baltika.

Q: How can I get Somersby Cider swag donations?

Thanks for thinking of us for your event! We make donations to charities and foundations across Canada, and are no longer able to donate merchandise to private events. But be sure to check out Somersby Canada on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @SomersbyCanada – we’ve got loads of online contests and giveaways planned for this year.